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Use internal window shutters to provide privacy and security. Internal shutters allow you to control the amount of light that is filtered into a room putting you in control. Riviera Al provides a quality product which can be used in any area to supplement traditional shutters. Extruded from a quality PVC extrusion, the aluminium insert in each blade ensures the blade will not sag over time. Riviera AL allows design and aesthetics to be applied to every room in your home.

Riviera AL is not affected by moisture or humidity and carries a 10 year warranty on product and 5 year warranty on component hardware and paint finish. Riviera AL's unique ability to provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, its high strength, impact resistance and availability of 12 solid colours ensures that Riviera AL shutters will re-define window coverings and their ability to combine design, aesthetics and energy efficiency.

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Conent to be supplied

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